Hair Removal

Hair removal is one of the most important treatments for our clients and because of this we offer many different methods.   We are here to help choose the right treatment for you. 

Ecolite IPL Technology delivers significant hair reduction to remove unwanted and unsightly hair from the face and body.  Several sessions will usually be required to achieve the desired result, with most clients seeing an improvement after the first treatment. Thick hair is the first to go due to the larger concentration of melanin, giving maximum absorption and conversion of light energy [heat] which targets the hair to permanently reduce hair growth.  It is important to book a follow up treatment as soon as hair appears so that we can treat the hair in the Anagen [growing stage] for best results.  Just think – no more waxing or shaving!

Free Consultation and Patch Test essential before treatment

Ecolite IPL Permanent Hair Removal Price Structure

  Single Session

Course of 3
[10% off]
Course of 6
[Buy 5 get 1 free]
Upper Lip £50 £135 £250
Chin £55 £150 £275
Lip and Chin £85 £230 £425
Neck £80 £215 £400
Under Arm £90 £243 £450
Bikini [thin strip either side]            £80 £215 £400
Extended Bikini £100 £270 £500
Lower Legs £190 £513 £950
Upper Legs   £250 £675 £1250
Full Legs £390 £1053 £1950


We offer two types of waxing treatment – the strip wax system which is excellent for normal hair growth.

The original hot wax method made from beeswax.  This method produces a slower, softer, regrowth with a less irritating effect on the skin.  Excellent for strong bikini and under arm hair and much gentler for facial hair and eyebrows.

Warm Strip Wax Price Structure         Hot Wax Price Structure
Under Arm £20   Under Arm £23
Bikini Line £20   Bikini Line £23
Brazilian/Hollywood £38   Brazilian    £43
Lip or Chin  £16   Lip or Chin  £17
Lip & Chin    £22   Lip & Chin    £25
½ Leg lower £25      
½ Leg upper £30      
Forearm    £25      
¾ Leg          £32      
Full Leg   £40      
Full Leg & Bikini  £45      
Full Leg & Brazilian £68      


Electrolysis is proven to be a very reliable treatment for hair removal. This treatment is extremely effective and with our care and guidance for the frequency and timing, progressive permanency is achieved. We can accomplish this using shortwave diathermy, galvanic or a combination of both, called ‘The Blend’.   A consultation is usually necessary to discuss the best method for you and is free of charge. 

Up to 15 minutes £26   Up to 30 minutes £40

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