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Ecolite IPL Permanent Hair Reduction
Just think no more shaving or waxing - Ecolite IPL Technology delivers significant hair reduction to remove unwanted and unsightly hair from the face and body.  Several sessions will usually be required to achieve the desired result, with most men seeing an improvement after the first few treatments. Thick hair is the first to go due to the larger concentration of melanin, giving maximum absorption and conversion of light energy [heat] which targets the hair to permanently reduce hair growth.  It is important to book a follow up treatment as soon as hair appears so that we can treat the hair in the Anagen [growing stage] for best results.  Just think – no more shaving or waxing!

Free Consultation and Patch Test essential before treatment

Ecolite IPL Permanent Hair Removal Price Structure

  Single Session

Course of 3
[10% off]
Course of 6
[Buy 5 get 1 free]
Full Beard £130 £351 £650
Neck [front or back]  £80 £215 £400
Chest £200 £540 £1000
Back £200 £540 £1000
Shoulders £80 £215 £400

Expert waxing to remove unwanted hair, we offer two types of waxing treatment – the strip wax system which is excellent for normal hair growth.

  Warm Wax  
Chest £45  
Back £45  
Shoulders £35  

Body, Face, Hand and Foot Treatments

Back Massage 30 mins £40

Aromatic oils created especially for you combined with deep massage to relax and unwind your body, easing tension and knots.

Deep Cleansing Steam Facial     1 hour £70


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